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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is intended to disclose in full's practices with respect to your personal information and privacy. It was designed to be a legally valid document that is still understandable by the average person. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us about them.

We collect the following information about all people who visit our site, whether they are visitors or members:
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Country and locality of Internet connectivity
We use this information to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our services, aggregate broad demographic information about our visitors, and analyze usage and performance of our systems. None of this information is personally identifiable. Any of this information shared with third parties will be in aggregate form and not separable into individual visits.

Information We Collect and Use
When you sign up, we will collect certain information from you, including your real name and email address. Should you sign up for a paid subscription to any of our services, we will also collect your billing address and credit card payment information. We will not sell, share or rent this information with or to any third party under any circumstances, except in certain legal circumstances. Some examples of legal circumstances in which we will share this information are when required by subpoena or when cooperating with authorities to investigate thefts or vandalism against our systems or services.

All information we collect, including information you provide to certain subscription services (such as domain names for monitoring purposes) and the results of tests conducted through those services, are housed at a secure facility. Only the administrators of this site and of the secure facility have physical access to this data. Only the administrators of this site and you are able to access your personal data through this website.

Purging Information
If you cancel your account with us, certain information will be retained for a period of four months in our backup facilities. This information is not accessible through the website interface, and will not be provided to you upon request. It is retained only for backup purposes and in case requested by legal authorities. In addition to this information, your name, email address, billing address, payment information and payment records will be retained for a period of seven years. This information is retained in physical (paper) format in a secure facility, and is not accessible via the website interface. It is maintained for this length of time to satisfy tax and financial record-keeping legal requirements.

We make use of the technology known as "cookies." Cookies are small data files stored in your browser that store information you willingly provide in order to identify you each time you return to the site. You may opt not to use certain cookies (such as cookies that remember your login information), but there are certain cookies that you must accept to use our services. These cookies help track the use of our services to identify potential abuse. Our advertising partners may also place cookies on your hard drive to help track clicks and impressions.

It is important to understand that these cookies can only store data; they cannot retrieve or affect other data on your hard disk. In addition to this, cannot access cookies that other sites store in your browser, and other sites cannot access cookies that stores in your browser.

Security takes the security of its visitors and members very seriously. Whenever you transmit sensitive information to or from our site (such as payment information), that information is sent over a secure connection. In addition to this, when you join or log into this site, your login information is transmitted over a secure connection and your password is stored in an irretrievable hashed format.

Because monthly or yearly subscriptions must be renewed every month or every year, respectively, stores your credit or debit card information on our servers in order to automatically process these subscriptions. This information includes the name on your credit card, your credit card number, and the date your card expires, and is stored with 256-bit encryption using dual 48-character keys to prevent unauthorized access. The authorization code on your card (sometimes called the CVV2 code) is NOT stored on our servers, but instead is used once at the time of subscription to prevent fraud. will, at all times, take every effort to ensure that your sensitive, private information stays just that - private.

Email Communications
When you join or any time during your membership, you may chose to (or not to) receive newsletters from us. These newsletters will typically contain industry news and notifications of new products and services, promotional periods, and referral programs. While there are certain emails that you may opt not to receive, there are also certain emails that will always be sent to you regardless of your communication preferences. These emails include:
  • Notifications about changes to our Terms of Service & Use or this Privacy Policy
  • Billing notifications or notifications about changes in your membership
  • Notifications of any security breaches that may affect your personal information
  • Electronic receipts for payments you submit and/or purchases you make on our site
  • Once-yearly validation emails to confirm you are still able to receive email at the provided email address
Notification of Changes
If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by email thirty (30) days before those changes take affect. We will also prominently place a notice about these changes on our homepage ( If you wish to object to these changes, you may do so within that thirty-day period. If we do not resolve the objection to your satisfaction, you may terminate your account with us and your personal information will not be subject to the new privacy policy.